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Chapter 5. Conclusions and Recommendations

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

1. What are the demographics of FBLA-PBL members in Colorado?
Conclusions: The demographics have a median GPA of 3.42 and have desires to foster dominant leadership skills. Geographically, there were more colleges of such members located in Western Colorado. Median age of the present study was 22. Across the board, there was not very equal representation among ranks of college seniority, with more activity evident during the senior years. 30.9% of the class standing were seniors, compared to 18.5% for Juniors. Moreover, male representation was dominant at 53.1% among the segments in question, with 46.9% females. In the conducting of this study it was determined that there was a 58.8% and 41.3% divide between Western-Eastern situated colleges. Also, there was a median of 2 semesters involved in FBLA-PBL.
Recommendations: During orientation week, an active campaign on campus would be to target younger students, as they tend to be underwhelming included in the membership. This would be helpful to increase activity and participation as such members’ progress through their post-secondary careers. The key would be to cover locations such as the bookstore, main school entrance(s), and other areas to maximize exposure on the campuses. As males tend to dominate in the membership bodies, some gyms, and locations they would frequent are good choices to begin with.
2. What services do members perceive as most beneficial?
Conclusions: Members perceived leadership development, networking, and resume building as most beneficial. However, they also were cited as valuing social connections, scholarships and community service a great deal. Some of the least important, though still significant services in terms of the perceptions on benefit were event planning and travel. Any recommendation should focus primarily on the areas of leadership development, networking and resume building in order to draw out a higher amount of students than in the past.
Recommendation: Members and potential participants are drawn to experiences where they would be exposed to competition. The target demographic is looking for a chance to build networking and leadership skills. In order to commence each semester, a series of competitive matches could be carried out in a public area or rotunda across Colorado colleges with incumbent members. This could help as a direct means of promotion, and also help members feel that the competitiveness offered in the program was worth investing time in being a member. By keeping and recording ‘records’ and memorable ‘moments’ from such matches, the organization could help continue the momentum of this competitiveness and reassert that does, indeed, offer many chances for individuals to foster this attribute.
3. Why are members not participating in IFL?
Conclusions: The main reason(s) for members not participating in IFL stem from the costs being a deterrent. However, there is also the concern that the quality of workshops is low, and there is weak prospect to members’ future career development.
Recommendations: One recommendation would be to allow keynote speakers among peer groups to have an active role in the management of the national and regional conferences that would be held.. This could facilitate participation and also ensure a greater sense of motivation. As it might prove too difficult to completely overhaul the program at once, it would be good to incrementally axe components that are not appealing to the target demographic, while simultaneously contribute new ones. Such an approach can ensure that both the participants and management alike can understand and cope with such changes. In other words, there needs to be an official measure to open up the issue to the campus constituents, and a vote could be offered for the ‘top 2’ and ‘bottom 2’ components to be adjusted to the overall program.
4. What do current members feel are the challenges of being a member?
Conclusions: The main two concerns cited were the lack of relevancy and the extreme time commitment, but there was also concern, predominantly in Western Colorado with the price of dues required by the college in question These two concerns are quite closely linked, and possess an interdependent relationship in deterring member activity. As such, the curriculum needs to be targeted and refreshed, and the scheduling demanded of members needs to be liberalized in an appropriate recommendation.
Recommendation: In a news release or in the form of some other notification, it would be advisable for a few students who had experienced success to cite their story and offer a testimonial. In such an action, fellow peers could read about the success and feel inspired to join in the program and enlist, while it might also service to inspire those dormant members to again become involved in the proceedings of the services. It can cause those with suspicions to realize that some relevancy does exist, and that it is time well spent. In other words, those operating the program need to convince outsiders that they are time-effective, and active time is worth individual investment.
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Why are members not participating in CMAP?
Conclusions: A few fundamental reasons were cited for the lack of participation including a lack of awareness, a lack of link between the leadership program and future prospective employers, lack of a challenge, in addition to it being a time burden. Thus, there are some systematic, organizational and promotion faults with the present formation of the CMAP.
Recommendations: An online initiative could inspire members that the CMAP is gaining a better link between its services and future employment prospects. Capitalizing on the benefit of a ‘big name’ firm can also draw members out to services that had not previously been active, even if their motives stem from the fact of gaining an advantage in their future professional lives. In cases where a member had subsequently secured employment with a major firm, this could be included on the CMAP portal, showing extant and potential members that there are some true opportunities to secure employment through membership and participation. Perhaps some competition would be helpful and a change to the present set of circumstances. As one ‘big name’ would join in with the program in a partnership, it is expected that others would follow.
6. How can statewide membership be increased?
Conclusions: The demographic of focus seems to be quite stable, and as the secondary information ahs displayed, their needs, preferences and desires are quite convergent. This means that offering appropriate responses is not extremely difficult, given that the body of interest is relatively homogenous. The main concerns between the CMAP and IFL were that respondents explained they were collections of services that did not seem to offer much relevancy, and that they represented a time burden to members
Recommendations: As described in the next recommendation, some adjustments could help in balancing the time concern cited by members. Whether through independent adjustments or a coordinated effort, it seems that the various services are outdated in their schedule and arrangement. Thus, there is a need to devise a streamlined approach, which can provide the same scope and effectiveness of services, with less of a time commitment. The newly proposed timing for various membership activities could be standardized, and this would be displayed in digital format on the website. As local conditions require, the template schedule could be adjusted, but it would demonstrate that one, becoming a member, would be able to balance membership with their personal, academics, and other activities.

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Thursday, March 14th, 2013

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