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1984 vs Ella Minow pea

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

In order to prevent or avoid sounding monotonous while writing your 1984 vs Ella Minow pea essay paper, the writing experts here will work towards varying the sentence lengths in your essay and therefore avoid choppiness which is a characteristic common in essays that inexperienced writers write. Choppiness can be defined as the effect of numerous short sentences being written in a row therefore giving the reader of the essay some sense of breathlessness and childlike simplicity. This does not mean that the writing experts will write multiple successive elongated sentences one after the other because such sentences will also give a reader of the essay a sense of breathlessness while reading the essay. What the writing experts shall do is to aim to write sentences that a reader will be feel very comfortable to read through and also feel a flow of ideas without running out of breath while reading the sentences. This does also not mean that the writers will totally avoid writing short sentences because there are those ideas that are best expressed using short sentences.
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One more thing that the writing experts will do is to avoid sexist pronouns in your essay because such remarks can be perceived in bad taste. Even though some time ago it was acceptable to use the word he when referring to individuals of either gender, it is no longer acceptable to do so now and this is because linguistics discovered that language can actually affect the way individuals think. Avoiding pronouns that are sexist in your essay will help your essay have the liberation from restrictive gender roles and therefore help you have a well written essay.

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