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Best college application essay ever

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

The English teacher announced that Simon’s paper was the best college application essay ever to have been presented in the college. The teacher cited several things that informed his judgment. First, he pointed out that the essay explained Simon’s career path in simple terms and the goals that Simon had set in life wee achievable and realistic. He also pointed out that the ides were properly argued out and that no one could question the fact that Simon was a focused and forward looking fellow. In this application essays, it was reveled that Simon’ s goals in life wee in line with what he was doing at that particular course and his qualification to be admitted in the college were not contested. Simon had explained how he would use his knowledge to improve the living standards of people in his village and across the rest of the world. The teacher applauded his intentions and pointed out that every successful scholar must have a reason for acquiring the knowledge through education.
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He pointed out that people who wee selfish and self-centered acquire the knowledge that neither benefits them nor benefits those live with. The teacher pointed out many other things that made Simon’s essay the best among all applications that have ever been presented to him. Little did he know that Simon bought the essay from an essay writing company? The company has been preparing essay to several students in different colleges and it seemed that Simon’s essay was soon changing the manner in which people view the essay writing business. Simon was awarded a scholarship by the college and his academic future was made even brighter than what he imagined

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