August 14th, 2013

The English teacher announced that Simon’s paper was the best college application essay ever to have been presented in the college. The teacher cited several things that informed his judgment. First, he pointed out that the essay explained Simon’s career path in simple terms and the goals that Simon had set in life wee achievable and realistic. He also pointed out that the ides were properly argued out and that no one could question the fact that Simon was a focused and forward looking fellow. In this application essays, it was reveled that Simon’ s goals in life wee in line with what he was doing at that particular course and his qualification to be admitted in the college were not contested. Simon had explained how he would use his knowledge to improve the living standards of people in his village and across the rest of the world. The teacher applauded his intentions and pointed out that every successful scholar must have a reason for acquiring the knowledge through education.
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He pointed out that people who wee selfish and self-centered acquire the knowledge that neither benefits them nor benefits those live with. The teacher pointed out many other things that made Simon’s essay the best among all applications that have ever been presented to him. Little did he know that Simon bought the essay from an essay writing company? The company has been preparing essay to several students in different colleges and it seemed that Simon’s essay was soon changing the manner in which people view the essay writing business. Simon was awarded a scholarship by the college and his academic future was made even brighter than what he imagined

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July 17th, 2013

The common college application essays acquired from the college admission essay writing experts are excellent in all ways and have since been termed by the college applicants as the “gateway to academic success”. The favorable rating of the college application essays from the expert writers come about as a direct result of their capability to be accepted by the admission boards of most of the prominent universities and technical institutes without further ado. Statistics show that 95% of the college admission applications that go through are bought by the applicants from the online essay writing companies.
Why is it that the admission essays bought by applicants from the admission essay writing agencies record the highest level of success in the selection processes? There is a strong pointer that the application essays are only done by the competent and professional writers who are capable to doing the application essays to supersede the required standards set the admission boards of various colleges. Simply put, the professional admission essay writers are far way above the game typically set aside as a reserve of professors.
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The online custom writing experts now do admission application essays like nobody else.
Accuracy of the admission application essays is another reason why applicants insist on buying application essays from the experts. Before they could forward an application essay to their esteemed clients, the experts conduct thorough spell check followed by a close proofreading and editing. This has seen the application essays comply to the outstanding mechanics of good writing coupled with conventional punctuation. Proper use of semi-colons, colons, exclamation mark, commas, and hyphens is remarkable in the admission application essays delivered from the expert writers.

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June 3rd, 2013

In order to prevent or avoid sounding monotonous while writing your 1984 vs Ella Minow pea essay paper, the writing experts here will work towards varying the sentence lengths in your essay and therefore avoid choppiness which is a characteristic common in essays that inexperienced writers write. Choppiness can be defined as the effect of numerous short sentences being written in a row therefore giving the reader of the essay some sense of breathlessness and childlike simplicity. This does not mean that the writing experts will write multiple successive elongated sentences one after the other because such sentences will also give a reader of the essay a sense of breathlessness while reading the essay. What the writing experts shall do is to aim to write sentences that a reader will be feel very comfortable to read through and also feel a flow of ideas without running out of breath while reading the sentences. This does also not mean that the writers will totally avoid writing short sentences because there are those ideas that are best expressed using short sentences.
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One more thing that the writing experts will do is to avoid sexist pronouns in your essay because such remarks can be perceived in bad taste. Even though some time ago it was acceptable to use the word he when referring to individuals of either gender, it is no longer acceptable to do so now and this is because linguistics discovered that language can actually affect the way individuals think. Avoiding pronouns that are sexist in your essay will help your essay have the liberation from restrictive gender roles and therefore help you have a well written essay.

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May 14th, 2013

Downey, E., & Jones, M. A. (2012). Public service, governance and Web 2.0 technologies: Future trends in social media. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference.
Ed Downey has a Doctorate in public administration from SUNY at Albany. His research areas are in improving productivity and computer applications in organizations. Book discusses to the public the effect of the Web on governance. . It’s a very informative and has in-depth coverage . It hypothesizes that technology will improve future governance if harnessed well.

Dyson, K. H. F., & Homolka, W. (1996). Culture first! Promoting standards in the new media age. London: Cassell.
Kenneth Dyson has taught comparative political economy in Europe. The book says that culture is normative pursues it from that angle.

Martorella, P. H. (1997). Interactive technologies and the social studies: Emerging issues and applications. Albany: State University of New York Press.Peter H Mortella is a scholar who has written many books on teaching social science in middle and secondary schools. Technology can bring leverage to the ordinary citizen if used as required

Foust, J. C. (2009). Online journalism: Principles and practices of news for the Web.
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Scottsdale, Ariz: Holcomb Hathaway.

Professor James Foust is associate professor at bowling state university department of journalism and public relations. He researches mainly in the E-media history and technology and law of mass communication. Well vasted in the area and covers it vastly. There no advertisements on his site related to this topic. His information is current and verifiable.
Anderson, P (n.d) Citing Websites. What is Web 2.0? Ideas, technologies and implications, Retrieved April 19,2013,
It’s a current website and is verifiable.

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April 15th, 2013

There is an increased impetus to transform the American transportation system and transition it from the uncertainties of oil production. Subsequently, the use of electric cars has been gaining momentum over the past few years. As the number of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids continues to increase significantly, one of the most fundamental and challenging issues will be based on managing the power grid needs or requirements for these cars especially when they are having their batteries recharged frequently. Most electric car owners will definitely want to plug into the grid, which is the national system of wires that connects powers into most electrical outlets in homes and institutions. The additional load will require capacitors, transformers and other relevant power distribution devices to be upgraded. The primary objective of this research paper is to examine the potential effects of electric cars on the power grid.
Electric cars are perceived as the cars of the future owning to the dwindling environmental conditions caused by deplorable human induced activities that cause toxic waste be emitted to the atmosphere. The significance of electric cars is indisputable; as the world becomes modern so do the old ways of living change and people adapt new and proper ways of living. The world is currently undergoing global warming whose negative effects are affecting people‘s health and the environment. The environmental footprint as indicated by the Global Footprint Network is growing at a high rate and the car footprint is considered the biggest contributor of carbon toxic to the environment. Toxic gases damage the atmosphere and the ozone layer and this in turn contributes to global warming. Consequently, the adoption of electric cars is necessary since it contributes to sustainable living. There are disputes that concern the use of electric cars in terms of electricity demand, and supply infrastructure. In addition, there is a debate concerning the effects of electric cars on the power grid the quantity and the ability to supply is concerned. Electric cars cannot affect power grids negatively if the right measures are taken to protect them for instance right timing and use of advanced technology to supply electricity. The objective of this paper is to show the positive and negative effects of electric cars on the power grid while trying to show which effect prevails over the other.
1.0 Electric Cars
In order to understand the effects of electric vehicles on Power grid one needs to understand what propels electric cars and some of their critical component bodies. Electric cars are propelled by an electric motor that is powered by rechargeable battery packs (U.S Department of Energy , 2013). Electric vehicles function by using electric energy to create mechanical energy.
The electric motor is much more efficient compared to a gasoline engine because it provides more force to move the vehicle (Borlase, 2012). In addition, the application of electric motor compared to gasoline engine provides high power to weight ratio. Therefore, from an engineer’s perspective, electric motor has more efficiency and is cheaper to operate when considering cost concerns. Electric motors have a relatively constant torque delivered even when the car is travelling at low speed and this has the outcome of increasing the acceleration performance of the car (Borlase, 2012). Currently, there are different types of electric motors because each is created by a different designer or is custom made. The motor types that are generally used in electric cars are divided in to three primary groups: DC motors, Brushless DC motors, and AC induction motors (U.S Department of Energy , 2013):
DC Motors
These types of motors use a commuter to control when certain set of rotor coils is energized at any time to maintain rotation. DC motors are the most economical, but it is hard for the user to use regenerative braking with this type of motor.
Brushless Motors
This type of motor uses a rotor with permanent magnets. Its stator has a rotating field controlled electronically using sensors. The function of the sensor is to give feedback and to detect rotor position. Their main weakness of this motor is that it require advanced motor controller to operate efficiently.
AC Induction Motors
AC induction motor uses a rotating magnetic field in the stator so that it induces a magnetic field in the rotor. Its rotor field will always rotate slower than the stator field and the ensuing difference is what provides the torque output.
6.0 Solution to Power Grid Question
There are solutions that exist to solve the power grade solution like building new power plants and redesigning the EV’s batteries so that they can accumulate more energy reducing the time and effort required to recharge the car. Nonetheless, research shows that power grids can serve million cars refuting the need to build more power plants that would be costly. According to all the research I have conducted, each writer or contributor point out that timing and advanced technology are the key to the power grid question.
6.1 Timing Aspect
Timing is considered the solution to the power grid dilemma because electricity supplies function and is supplied according to time factor. In a new study conducted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory concerning the impact of EV’s on the power grids in the next few decades, timing is the standard way of dealing with problems of overloading. According to ORNL studies, if EVs were charged during late hours for instance at 10 pm there may not be need for establishing new power plants (Brass, 2008). This view compares with Gallman analysis on power supply versus distance range and timing. For instance, if PEVs were plugged at 5 pm when electricity consumption is high and consumed 6 kW of power on average with an existing 30 % market penetration then approximately 160 new power plants will have to be built by 2020 (Brass, 2008). This situation revels that timing affects the consumption of electricity rates, which varies in real time aside the demand and supply situation for electricity. The supply and demand for electricity and the program charges that could accompany abrupt use of EVs (the only situation that could affects power grid functioning) can only be set to change cars between specific hours of the day or when the rate are below certain expectations.
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While the timing aspect seems like a practical solution for solving the power grid question, the main hindrance towards the execution of proper timing would be people. Not only does the timing aspect present a costly affair in terms of situating charging stations, but also the process of recharging takes time. Consequently, people would find the task of recharging the car at 10 pm unappealing ordeal. The reason is that people go to sleep and rest during this time of the night and in addition, they are always tired due to working during the day. However, the government can create motivational gestures like incentives for those who recharge their cars during this time (Richard, 2010).
6.2 Advanced Technology
The power grid dispute can be solved using advanced technology. Hybrid electric cars were designed and invented due to two reasons: need and applicability. Gasoline cars continue to diminish the atmosphere causing environmental pollution and health risk to human beings. That reason led to the invention of cars that would perform the same task yet leave little or no bad effect to sustainable living. In the same way, engineers need to design and invent EVs that are efficient and cause little strain when using. Engineers and scientists have invented the smart charge purposely for Plugged-in Electric Vehicles. This gadget monitors the car and confers relevant information to the driver for instance when to recharge, the demand on the system, and price of power (Brass, 2008). This aspect of an EV can encourage prospect buyers to buy the car because they will not have to worry about driving to long distances. Engineers can use such design those smart chargers according to the power supply rate so that people can recharge the cars during low consumption periods of the day.
Electric vehicles (EVs) offer suitable alternatives to gasoline vehicles because they are environment friendly and they bear performance benefit like stronger acceleration and little maintenance. Moreover, they use the electric motor that provides it the force to propel efficiently compared to gasoline vehicles. Besides being expensive, there are several concerns that accompany use of EVs but the most prominent is the effect it may have on the local and national power grid. Electricity is a vital component for any successful economy, and maintaining a constant supply of electricity is crucial. The idea is that if people were to start using electric vehicles then it would affect the power supply negatively so that there is constant overload. If an overload situation were to begin then it would lead to recurrent shutdown of electricity supply, this would harm the economy by limiting the number of jobs that can be done at night, and it would lead to insecurity. However, studies by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory shows that power grid can cater for millions of EVs through right timing and proper electricity management program. In addition, studies show that the only time when people should be really concerned is if they suddenly start using EVs. However, that cannot happen because EVs are expensive compared to gasoline vehicles and they still have to be accepted after necessary infrastructure like recharge stations have been build across the country. Even if the country was to experience sudden use of EVs then the government can build power plants to supply the level of electricity needed for household and EV consumption.

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March 27th, 2013

1. What are the demographics of FBLA-PBL members in Colorado?
Conclusions: The demographics have a median GPA of 3.42 and have desires to foster dominant leadership skills. Geographically, there were more colleges of such members located in Western Colorado. Median age of the present study was 22. Across the board, there was not very equal representation among ranks of college seniority, with more activity evident during the senior years. 30.9% of the class standing were seniors, compared to 18.5% for Juniors. Moreover, male representation was dominant at 53.1% among the segments in question, with 46.9% females. In the conducting of this study it was determined that there was a 58.8% and 41.3% divide between Western-Eastern situated colleges. Also, there was a median of 2 semesters involved in FBLA-PBL.
Recommendations: During orientation week, an active campaign on campus would be to target younger students, as they tend to be underwhelming included in the membership. This would be helpful to increase activity and participation as such members’ progress through their post-secondary careers. The key would be to cover locations such as the bookstore, main school entrance(s), and other areas to maximize exposure on the campuses. As males tend to dominate in the membership bodies, some gyms, and locations they would frequent are good choices to begin with.
2. What services do members perceive as most beneficial?
Conclusions: Members perceived leadership development, networking, and resume building as most beneficial. However, they also were cited as valuing social connections, scholarships and community service a great deal. Some of the least important, though still significant services in terms of the perceptions on benefit were event planning and travel. Any recommendation should focus primarily on the areas of leadership development, networking and resume building in order to draw out a higher amount of students than in the past.
Recommendation: Members and potential participants are drawn to experiences where they would be exposed to competition. The target demographic is looking for a chance to build networking and leadership skills. In order to commence each semester, a series of competitive matches could be carried out in a public area or rotunda across Colorado colleges with incumbent members. This could help as a direct means of promotion, and also help members feel that the competitiveness offered in the program was worth investing time in being a member. By keeping and recording ‘records’ and memorable ‘moments’ from such matches, the organization could help continue the momentum of this competitiveness and reassert that does, indeed, offer many chances for individuals to foster this attribute.
3. Why are members not participating in IFL?
Conclusions: The main reason(s) for members not participating in IFL stem from the costs being a deterrent. However, there is also the concern that the quality of workshops is low, and there is weak prospect to members’ future career development.
Recommendations: One recommendation would be to allow keynote speakers among peer groups to have an active role in the management of the national and regional conferences that would be held.. This could facilitate participation and also ensure a greater sense of motivation. As it might prove too difficult to completely overhaul the program at once, it would be good to incrementally axe components that are not appealing to the target demographic, while simultaneously contribute new ones. Such an approach can ensure that both the participants and management alike can understand and cope with such changes. In other words, there needs to be an official measure to open up the issue to the campus constituents, and a vote could be offered for the ‘top 2’ and ‘bottom 2’ components to be adjusted to the overall program.
4. What do current members feel are the challenges of being a member?
Conclusions: The main two concerns cited were the lack of relevancy and the extreme time commitment, but there was also concern, predominantly in Western Colorado with the price of dues required by the college in question These two concerns are quite closely linked, and possess an interdependent relationship in deterring member activity. As such, the curriculum needs to be targeted and refreshed, and the scheduling demanded of members needs to be liberalized in an appropriate recommendation.
Recommendation: In a news release or in the form of some other notification, it would be advisable for a few students who had experienced success to cite their story and offer a testimonial. In such an action, fellow peers could read about the success and feel inspired to join in the program and enlist, while it might also service to inspire those dormant members to again become involved in the proceedings of the services. It can cause those with suspicions to realize that some relevancy does exist, and that it is time well spent. In other words, those operating the program need to convince outsiders that they are time-effective, and active time is worth individual investment.
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Why are members not participating in CMAP?
Conclusions: A few fundamental reasons were cited for the lack of participation including a lack of awareness, a lack of link between the leadership program and future prospective employers, lack of a challenge, in addition to it being a time burden. Thus, there are some systematic, organizational and promotion faults with the present formation of the CMAP.
Recommendations: An online initiative could inspire members that the CMAP is gaining a better link between its services and future employment prospects. Capitalizing on the benefit of a ‘big name’ firm can also draw members out to services that had not previously been active, even if their motives stem from the fact of gaining an advantage in their future professional lives. In cases where a member had subsequently secured employment with a major firm, this could be included on the CMAP portal, showing extant and potential members that there are some true opportunities to secure employment through membership and participation. Perhaps some competition would be helpful and a change to the present set of circumstances. As one ‘big name’ would join in with the program in a partnership, it is expected that others would follow.
6. How can statewide membership be increased?
Conclusions: The demographic of focus seems to be quite stable, and as the secondary information ahs displayed, their needs, preferences and desires are quite convergent. This means that offering appropriate responses is not extremely difficult, given that the body of interest is relatively homogenous. The main concerns between the CMAP and IFL were that respondents explained they were collections of services that did not seem to offer much relevancy, and that they represented a time burden to members
Recommendations: As described in the next recommendation, some adjustments could help in balancing the time concern cited by members. Whether through independent adjustments or a coordinated effort, it seems that the various services are outdated in their schedule and arrangement. Thus, there is a need to devise a streamlined approach, which can provide the same scope and effectiveness of services, with less of a time commitment. The newly proposed timing for various membership activities could be standardized, and this would be displayed in digital format on the website. As local conditions require, the template schedule could be adjusted, but it would demonstrate that one, becoming a member, would be able to balance membership with their personal, academics, and other activities.

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March 14th, 2013

Research papers free have been highlighted as the number one factor that would leads to the increased levels of research paper topics writing amongst the high school students. Even though there are several criticisms here and there that the increased involvement of tutors in offering extra tuition and writing coaching are the reasons behind the improved students’ performance, series of research conducted to dig the truth of the matter has incriminated research papers free as the main driving force.
Unfortunately, majority of professors who are strongly opposed to the idea of research papers free in the institutions of intermediate and higher learning for a very long period of time. To these professors and instructors, research papers free would definitely impede the students’ learning process that would eventually see them write proper research paper topics papers similar to the research papers free. They are also of the opinion that research papers free bears no relationship with the practical skills of doing standard research paper topics.
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In spite of denunciation for the professors, the tell tale signs had it that the best research paper topics writers are the users of research papers free. With the research papers free at the disposal of high school students, their research paper topics writing skills are improved tremendously and the quality of their self done research paper topics is outstanding. This has made research paper topics writing fun and interesting unlike the past periods when research paper topics was equated to an ogre or a movie monster. In the modern world, more and more students are looking forward for every little opportunity just to deliver quality research paper topics.

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February 27th, 2013

Everybody was unsure of the meaning of the two terms when the teacher wrote the words on the board. The reason was that one is buy essay and the other custom writing. Both meant different things altogether and nobody knew what would follow from answering about any. The first phrase was ‘buy essay’ with which the teacher began. He then came to custom writing without explaining what each meant. He then abruptly started explaining as if in a haste. He said that buy essay is like buying an essay in a shop. When a person goes to buy essay, that essay becomes his/hers. He then turned to the other term, custom writing. He described it as any writing that is written in a given or set order. Everybody was surprised at this and they all looked at each other in amazement. The teacher now ordered everyone to construct five sentences using the as keywords, namely, buy essay and custom writing. They began in haste and within five minutes, everybody was through with it.
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He again ordered everyone to put the same words in a paragraph, with “buy essay” appearing five times and “custom writing” likewise. That was done faster than the five sentences. It surprised the teacher. He then ordered that as an assignment, everyone was to write a paragraph that contained buy essay and custom writing, this time ten times. Before he left the class, everybody was almost singing, “buy essay, custom writing” and some were finishing their paragraphs. However, some had not fully understood properly the use of custom writing and they followed the teacher for clarification, and he assisted them. It was nice.

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February 22nd, 2013

Free Speech – To Regulate or Not To Regulate Businesses
In the context of free speech, this paper supports the argument that regulation should be enacted on the business arenas. Precisely, regulation is necessary in diverse areas including economic, political, and social issues among others. In this context, it is important to agree that any government should regulate the business and economic activities of its country. Nonetheless, there is a degree to which the government should regulate business. Such regulations are enacted for the interest of the people. Following the importance and values of regulation, both public and private businesses should be kept under stringent regulatory mechanisms to streamline their viability. The concerned control is being exercised by countries all over the world, especially USA. Regulation is important to control the activities of businesses in a country and the relationships that exist internationally (George and Steiner, 2006). Regulating these private businesses is done through introduction of taxes and tariffs. They are fixed by the government to promote and support certain forms of business practices and industries and as well discourage others. There is a strict regulation of foreign trade with the use of tariffs. There are also other ways in which the government can regulate on export or import of certain items by direct restriction. The government can also specify other conditions that restrict international business activities (Rahn, 2005). It is crucial to agree that businesses should be executed at free will; however, structured regulations are necessary for reliability, loyalty, and sanity within the business contexts.
Following some unjustifiable acts fronted by investors and small businessmen, there is a need to regulate industrial activities and businesses. In this context, there are laws of contract that streamline business transactions by directly regulating businesses. They deal with issues such as consumer safety, monopolistic practices, protection of consumer interest, terms and conditions of employment, and industrial safety. The most important objective is for the government to protect the environment. These laws are important since they control and prevent unethical business practices on different parts of business. They protect employees and consumers from unjust use of economic power by companies (Rahn, 2005). This supports the fact that there is a credible need to regulate businesses in diverse contexts. The trademark and U.S patent office offers protection of inventions and specific products from unlawful infringement by competitors. This has encouraged creativity and innovation in the business community. Trademark and patent violations are punishable with heavy fines and subject to civil act which is costly when the defendant loses the infringement case. United States commerce department launched a program that will help the small and medium enterprises to increase their sales overseas. This will help in the prosperity and expansion of these businesses (George and Steiner, 2006). For instance, there are hundreds of assistance programs that have been initiated by the United States. These government aided programs assist the businesses in form of information services and money (George and Steiner, 2006).
Whether we are capable of self-regulation
It is vital to agree that we are capable of self-regulation especially in the context of business. Legally, this should be a personal mandate despite the challenges. There should be enough and accurate information for the public to make good choices. Therefore, the government makes rules to make sure that the information is made available to the public. Upon this, individuals are capable of embracing self-regulation (Kahn, 2008). Regulation ensures that people do not misuse their autonomy when carrying out their daily activities. People may tend to assume that they can carry out business without following the laws laid out as they tend to think it is exercising free speech. Hence, regulation is important as it enhances equity, and it is possible that people are capable of self-regulation as claimed earlier. This can be done by building a transparent and stable regulatory environment with an extensive record of consistent regulatory decision making. Rational regulatory decisions can be justified and create an expectation of narrow set of outcomes which follow a set of outcomes. This will help the consumers and investors to predict regulatory decisions. An unanticipated change in the policy responsibility is likely to erode the confidence of the investor and increase the cost of capital.
How Ethics or Morality Influence the Regulation or Deregulation Process
The influence of morality on the regulation or deregulation process is evident. Ethically, business regulatory decisions should be made timely and effectively. Any delay to key decisions will raise the costs and cause uncertainty to consumers. Decisions are made based on ethical judgments and robust evidences. Morally, the regulation/deregulation process should be timely and enable regulators make authoritative decisions. In the business context, there are negatives effects attained due to poor structural regulatory mechanisms. Introduction of government regulation makes sure that most of the companies take care of the negative effects they create in their companies during regulation/deregulation processes. As an example, ethics and morality are important when making regulations on business matters. The government should also ensure that people adhere to rules and regulations enacted to streamline the business ventures. This indicates how ethics or morality can influence the regulation or deregulation process. Ethically, regulatory processes concentrate on protecting the interest of the public and the concerned stakeholders. This is done through a system of penalties and incentives which replicate the result of competitive markets as far as possible. For instance, economic regulators should clearly articulate, define and prioritize responsibility, focused on outcomes. This will ensure that the main objectives of the regulations are attained.
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It will enhance the protection of the participators of the business arena and the consumers as well. This supports the fact that business provisions should be regulated.
Whether the Government Intrusion is Justified; Why or Why not?
When considering the aspects of regulation in the context of business, the government intrusion is justifiable due to numerous reasons. Businesswise, governments throughout the world engage in economic and social regulation of their citizens’ life. Economic regulation mainly came to focus the past decade. This is due to the fact that such regulations were associated with falling of productivity in many industrialized countries. Most of the government regulation involves setting up and enforcement of principles for conducting lawful activities. The government is justified in regulation of the businesses in its belief to protect our rights. There are many rights which go unprotected in a free market (Kahn, 2008). In the context of government, economic regulation is also important to a country if carried about well. Economic regulation will ensure efficient economic and high quality infrastructure. This plays a very critical role in growing and competitive by providing services which the citizens and business depend on. Regulating the economy is a significant responsibility in establishing the terms under which the investment should be made. An efficient investment is vital part to promoting the long term concern of the consumers. The regulatory framework is important which avoids adding undue uncertainty in the business environment (Baldwin, Cave & Lodge, 2010).
In order to justify again why the government intrusion is justified, there is a significant benefit of economic regulation being carried by governments. The government needs to form a coherent part of broader public policy. Regulated technologies and markets change and need to be updated and reflect the priorities of the country. A regulatory that is out of date is doubtful to lead predictable or successful outcomes. The government has a legal role to play in defining the strategic vision of likely needs and priorities over the long term policy. There should also be regulatory decisions for short and long term goals. The government should play an essential role in ensuring it assesses the effect on investor and consumer confidence when considering the changes in regulating framework (Baldwin, Cave & Lodge, 2010). Due to these provisions, it is critical to understand why the government intrusion is justified. Economic regulation imposes cost on regulated companies. The costs are derived from regulators’ impose on their sectors and administrative cost of running the regulatory framework. The costs, found in these sectors tend to be passed to consumers. The benefits that are achieved from this goods and services should outweigh the cost of the regulatory framework (Rahn, 2005). Lowering the cost might not always be efficient because it can sometimes lead to foregoing bigger benefits to consumers. The organizations and regulators should be well run and efficient (Smith, 2007). Precisely, it is justifiable to support that regulation should be embraced in diverse business sectors.

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February 21st, 2013

The true experience of flexibility when you buy essay can be found by you if only you buy essay at this custom essay writing service. This flexibility in payment comes in the form of progressive delivery which of cause also means progressive payment of your order when you buy essay. What this means is that when you place a buy essay order for a custom essay writing paper that is lengthy, say 50 pages or even more, you have the option of paying all the cash at once when you buy essay or pay slows in the order which the custom essay writing is delivered to you. For instance, if you have a 40 page custom essay writing order that you want to be completed with the time that you shall state, you can begin by paying for and therefore buy essays of 20 pages and request that these pages are delivered within six days.
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You can buy essay actually by paying for the remaining pages and ask that the remaining part of custom essay writing be delivered within a certain time period. It is not common that you will get the flexibility in paying for custom essay writing because when you need custom essay writing or to buy essay, most custom essay writing firms will demand that you settle the whole amount required to buy essay without any delays. In this firm, specialists understand that you may not always have all the money at once and therefore make it easy for you to pay in installments that you are very comfortable with and can manage without hustle.

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